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If you’re the type of writer who trades their typewriter for treads when the weather turns balmy, there’s no reason to stop writing when you want to commune with nature. OK, well maybe you do need a break from all that alone time hunched over the typewriter, slaving over edits and rewrites and the evil muse who keeps telling you to chuck it all. But perhaps all you need is a new venue. It’s easy to be in a rut and not even know it. Taking it outside might just be the antidote for the writing rut.

While a laptop screen suffers under the glare of the outdoors, a sheet of white paper in a typewriter has the perfect balance between brightness and contrast. Your manuscript and prose will be bathed in an even glow of natural light, illuminating every word without prejudice. If you’re used to typing indoors under a lightbulb, the page of type struggles under menacing shadows and darkness. It’s often difficult to get the light just right.

Not so outdoors, where it’s free and easy! The clatter of keys and carriage might drive the wildlife away, but after realizing you’re no threat, the birds will gather on your shoulders, the squirrels will race around your ankles and the rabbits will nibble at the grass near your toes.

While the backyard might be your first thought, the nosy neighbors and the kids on the trampoline might blow-up your bliss. And if you’re one of those urban dwellers, if you decant to the neighborhood park you’ll face accusatorial glances from those who think writing is a suspect occupation. The local constabulary will be notified and pretty soon an ordinance will be passed banning noisy self-promotion.

No, you’re one of those regular, working writers who just wants to go about their job, undisturbed and without judgement. Pick a day. Make it your own writing retreat day. Toss the desk and typewriter in the trunk (or boot) and find the nearest secluded glade. Are you nuts? You might ask. The desk? There are two ways to tackle this problem.

Get the lap model and sit yourself on a blanket and maybe a cushion.

Robin Hyde (Source: http://oztypewriter.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-extraordinarily-brave-and-brilliant.html)
Robin Hyde (Source: http://oztypewriter.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-extraordinarily-brave-and-brilliant.html)

Or, if being attacked by ticks is not your thing, get the model like I’ve got here and a folding chair. (Send me a note, and I’ll divulge the easy instructions for assembling this table DIY-style!)

Type Outside

Whatever your style, don’t bother hiking in, just unload the portable office, find your spot and let your muse breathe. She deserves the break, the same as you.


    1. I type outside on my deck every chance I get. Thanks for the portable desk ideas! AND- DON’T FORGET – if you keep your slugs clean, you can scan your work and have Google docs translate it for you into digital world. Happy typing!

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