Groma Modell N

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Groma Modell N
Groma Modell N

For every kind of writer, there’s a typewriter. Groma excels at functional style. While they’ll never win a speed contest, the solid, measured feel of the keystroke, along with a bold and distinctive typeface, makes Groma typewriters a great choice for the connoisseur of prose and poetry.

The Modell N is an artist’s typewriter, with its sweeping curves and graceful valleys. If objects possess a soul, sitting at this machine and pressing its keys, may change your writing and influence your thinking. While most typewriter manufacturers prized speed, a Groma causes you to slow down and consider your words. It’s thoughtful design carries through to thoughtful writing. Deliberate, but not ponderous.

Olympia typewriters with their spring loaded keys are telling you to speed up. Spring into action! Go faster! For writers who are working on big projects, go for it. But if you’re the type of writer who likes to post their page of poetry to Instagram, then get a Groma. The typeface is strong and is easily captured with a smartphone camera. Even if you’re not into self-promotion, the Modell N is like your personal printing press. Roll in some nice paper or cardstock and make art.

Bilbao Guggenheim (Photo by: Georges Jansoone, CC 2.5)
Bilbao Guggenheim (Photo by: Georges Jansoone, CC 2.5)

And who but a master artist or architect would design a carriage return lever that perfectly matches the contours of the body? One can’t help but note the similarities between the Modell N and a Frank Gehry building. And if you’re into feng shui, the strategically placed red keys induce a positive flow of energy. This isn’t the type of machine suited for the mass assembly line, nor is it designed for the typist expecting a “standard” office machine. It’ll never be that quick and nimble. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t engineered for perfection. From drawing board to final product, it must’ve been a glorious day for the Groma designers when the first machine rolled off the factory floor. It’s art that works. It’s art that constructs art. Sir Jony Ive at Apple could hardly do better. And unlike anything the big tech companies produce, the Groma typewriter will be used and passed down for generations.


  1. Ok Daniel. You’ve done it again! Great post, makes me ache to own my own Groma. It reminds me a bit of my SC no. 3, and the Sterling streamlines. Thanks for your inspiration.

  2. I’m pretty certain these are the best looking typewriters ever made. The are just tooooo beautiful. They out do everything else from that era.

  3. I have a Model T. Not only is it beautiful, it’s reliable. To simply own one for aesthetic purposes would be a shame. The Groma models are often viewed as somewhat prissy, but that’s a misconception. You simply have to be disciplined in your movements. Just because the Groma doesn’t stand for frantic, desperate typing doesn’t mean it’s impractical. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in quality. I’d argue that the Groma ultimately saves time, because it forces you to construct with greater precision. Anytime you type on a Groma, you’re aware that every word matters. Typing on a Groma Model N or T means less waste.

    As Daniel said, it’s a machine for the aesthete who wants to create, a lover of beauty who desires function.

    Typing on my Olivetti is much easier and faster, but I always use my Groma for raw creation. The Groma demands concentration and soul; the moment you try to half-ass your prose, the Groma rebels. It keeps you in check. It is an unforgiving muse.

      1. Hi everyone,

        I bought in the early days of this year a Modell N, it’s my first typewriter and probably my favorite one.

        Lucky me to get one with the rune key in a unbelievable selling price.. It was in bad condition, the case was awful and the machine full of old oil and dirty everywhere. After the restoration is with great look and working very well, and full original parts (except the skin on cover and inside that I use on case).

        Unfortunately last week the spring of carriage had broke, but I’m searching for some company to do one like the original.

        Hugo Torres

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