Typewriter Marketplace

Here’s a list of “shops” that specialize in typewriters or who have an expertise in typewriters.

Bremerton Office Machine Company (USA) (Shipped on request)

Charlie Foxtrot Typewriters (UK)

Iron Fox Typewriters (USA)

Karl Business Machines (USA)

Lazy Dog Typewriters (Etsy, USA)

Mahogany Rhino (Etsy, USA)

Mr & Mrs Vintage Typewriters (UK)

My Typewriter (USA)

Phoenix Typewriters (USA)

Typewriters 101 (USA)

Typewriters Heaven (Etsy, Netherlands)

Typewriter Wshop (Etsy, Germany)

Vintage Typewriter Shoppe (USA)

Working Typewriters (Etsy, Netherlands)

The Writer’s Room (Etsy, USA)

Typewriter Ribbons

Ribbons Unlimited (USA)

If you’d like your shop listed, please submit it here:


  1. After 2 years of hard work and after having owned well over 500 typewriters, I’m listed as someone who knows their stuff. I’ll take that. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi, this page was not intended as a seller’s market for posting individual typewriters, but rather a list of shops that specialize in selling typewriters. I’ve had good experience in selling on eBay.

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