Daniel MarleauAre you a writer looking for a typewriter? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Computers are great for editing and organizing your work. But they can also be an endless source of distraction. Whether poking around online or fiddling with your words, it’s easy to lose sight of the prize, which is to get done with a first draft. Using a typewriter, it’s just you and your words. Don’t worry about editing at this point. Just get it out. Typos. Bad grammar. Sentence fragments. Whatever! Keep moving forward.

With a computer it’s easy to hit backspace and fix it while you’re writing. We’re our own worst critic! And it still isn’t going to be perfect. Stop wasting your time! Use a typewriter for draft work, then re-type it on the computer. This seems like an extra step, and I hate doing this myself, but you’ll edit along the way, and in total you’ll have saved time and reached done sooner.

Bonus tip: Keep the laptop open to your outline and story notes, so when you’re writing, you’ll have a guide. It’s still going to be a rough first draft, but at least you’ve worked out all the story issues before you start writing. [ Read more: 9 Tips for Writing a Really Good “Shitty First Draft” By Lisa Cron, from Writer Unboxed ]


Daniel Marleau

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