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Perhaps you read my last post, One Typed Page, if not I encourage you to follow the link, read what’s going on, then get on your typewriter and submit a page. Not only will you feel better, the world will be a better place.

If you’re a regular follower of Typewriter Review, and haven’t read the pages submitted on One Typed Page, I encourage you to jump over, read what’s been written, then click the follow button. We’ve got a few posted and there’s room for more!

You’ve read the post, you’ve read the pages, you’ve heard the call — now what? You’re debating whether to write or not. To send your page or not. It seems like a good thing. Maybe you’re waiting for a sign. The hero always debates whether to go on the journey, and sometimes they need a nudge. They’d like to, but, they’ve got these commitments, like getting the harvest in or doing whatever they normally do.

But these aren’t normal times.

Between lining up at the food pantry, dodging sketchy neighbors and bingeing Call the Midwife, I bet you’ve got an hour in your day to write. On a typewriter. At first, the noise might bother an already edgy household, but soon they’ll find comfort in your regular routine. The noise will turn to sound, the notes of musical keys striking paper, making words and thoughts come alive. Your voice will join the voices of others and we will know that we’re not alone in this journey.

One typed page at a time.

Snap a picture with your phone and send at medium resolution.

Illustration credit by crafty_dame (Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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