Writing for an Obsolete World

Call for Submissions!

When the Atlas Typewriter Desk was unveiled, little did I know that a like minded project was underway by an avid follower of Typewriter Review. Similar in design, but fixed to the wall, the Atlas “Imperial” has the width to accommodate not only a writing rig, but stacks of pages and other writerly tidbits. This is not a temporary structure liable to be swayed by disapproving gusts. The Imperial stands firm with a view to the outside world, where light and reason dispel digital darkness.

(Thanks to Richard A. for sharing his setup!)

Every writer should be so fortunate to have a space of their own. All the more so when the clanking of keys might cause undue strain with unsympathetic bystanders. But writing is messy business! Especially if paper is your canvas and inked ribbons your paint.

Consider the well-appointed writers’ room with stuff tacked and taped to the walls. To the uninitiate it may appear like chaos, but it’s the kind of stuff that helps bring a project to life. When it’s hidden in a maze of folders and subfolders, we lose the bigger picture. But when we surround ourselves with typed pages, drafts, revisions, notes, cards, bits of feathers and fur, we steep in that heady brew of the worlds we create.

Egads! You might say, not only do I need fear reprisals for my obnoxious sounds, but all the mess I’ve created. Buck up, pilgrim, who said this was an easy road! You’ve chosen the typewriter as your tool, making the path not only more difficult, but socially unacceptable. It’s one thing to collect them, but to actually write with them? You’re a damn fool if you think you’ll get anywhere in that buggy.

I’m not the only fool in the follies. There’s sure to be more of you with a writerly typewriter setup.

Send me your pics!

If there’s a boost we need, it’s knowing that others cope with similar circumstances. What does your “studio” look like? It can be a cubby in the cellar or a grand garden cottage. Whatever is your typewriter writing space, we’d love to see it!

Call me old-fashioned, just email them as attachments to my Gmail account using danielmarleau as the addressee and “Typewriter Submission” in the subject. If you want credit for your image(s), include however you’d like to be known. Or, if anonymity is your path — no problem! Just be sure to scrub the geotags from your image.

DEADLINE: October 31, 2017

Plenty of time to snap a few or build your writing space and be done in time for slam dunk a novel month in November! SlaDuNoMo!

Once the collection is gathered, I’ll post a gallery for all your fellow writers to admire!



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